Prom Dresses Under $100

Under $100 Prom DressesProm time is just around the corner. The mad dash for a great prom dress is about to begin. Before you set out to pick up the most fantastic prom dress you can ever dream of, why not take a deep breathe and shop around. With today’s technology we can use the internet to find the most amazing prom dress for under $100. Even if that is not an option there are still plenty of ways too score a sweet deal on a hot prom dress for under $100. And the best part? No one will know how much of a great deal you have found. Spend the extra money on great accessories to make that prom dress really pop.

One of our favorite places to get an affordable prom dress that is under $100 is J.C. Penney. With a store in nearly every city and a huge selection you really can’t go wrong. 1000′s of prom dresses under $100 walk right out of these stores. If this selection seems over used and you feel everyone will be there. No problem at all, lets look at some less obvious places to find the prom dress of a lifetime.

Forever 21 and offer the latest trend setting prom dresses from chic to glam. Getting a dress online is easier now than it has ever been. Keep checking back as prom time approaches and grab an elegant prom dress for under $100 from either of these budget friendly trend setting websites.

Another site you can surely find a prom dress for under $100 is These prom dresses are more fun and flirty. What really makes them pop are the added extras. Feathers, ruffles stones and slick designs really make these jump out from the crowd. Bargains will be had with very low prices on some really great prom dresses.

One word. Ebay. That’s right. Find new, or barely used prom dresses for unbelievably cheap prices. Ebay is pretty easy to navigate through and it will be worth your time. Spend the extra money on a limo. Looking for a prom dress under $100, eBay just may be the answer to your prayers.
Ever dream of rockin’ the hottest dress even the celebs wear? Simply stunning prom dresses for under $100 in rental costs. Sure you have to give the prom dress back but..who cares? Wear a $1500 dress for under $100. Yes please, I’ll take 2. If you are looking to stun your friends and crowds at the prom, this is the way to go. If you are the clingy type and just absolutely have to have the dress sitting in your closet in 7 years, maybe not so much. Look like the hottest celebs and save room in closet space, can’t really go wrong here.

You also have options for prom dresses under $100 locally in vintage and consignment shops. If you just have to have the most unique prom dress this might be your way to go. Elegant gently used prom dresses for very under priced bargains can be found in these stores.

Now, see don’t fret. Prom dresses under $100 are not a myth. There are 100′s of places to get a great prom dress for under $100. Use your creativity and apply it even the way you find one. You will surely turn some heads, and no one will know what secret the price tag held.

Best Prom Dresses for 2014

Prom Dresses 2014Guess what girls. It is that time again time for the crazy shopping to begin…no not Christmas. It’s prom time, yay!. You will be hotter and more elegant than the 2013 girls. It’s time to take whats yours and own the crowd. Let’s delve into what we can expect for the 2014 Prom year and find the Best Prom Dresses for 2014.

Tony Bowls spring collection for 2014 is not to be missed. These dresses pop and really show true elegance, very colorful and flow nicely over the body. Whether you want to be that fun and flirty girl in the dress that really pops, or the elegant and glamorous girl, these dresses are sure to make a huge mark in 2014. not only offers hot, elegant and beautiful prom dresses, they also offer huge savings and are very budget friendly. Yes, dream no more. Having one of the best prom dresses of 2014 is an easy task at Unique Vintage. These dresses are up to date on trends and even set some of the trends every year. The best part is no one will know what a great deal you made for your best prom dress of 2014.

Speaking of setting trends. Go check out If you are looking for hot, sexy dresses that pop and scream flirt this is where you will find it. With top designers like Sherri Hill, Flirt, Jazz, Jovani, Allure and many more. Without a doubt some of the best prom dresses of 2014 will be bought through these fantastic designers.

One of the most prominent and definite trend setters, it is no surprise that is on this list. Stunning, unique dresses from top celebrity designers and over 3000 prom styles to choose from. they always have the newest, hottest style that are on the runway or the red carpet. Hot, trendy and glamorous. They also offer free same day delivery, and highly competitive prices. You will have the best prom dress from 2014 in your possession without spending $1000′s and delivered quickly. Check them out and be the belle of the ball.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Rent the hottest dress. These dresses pop, bang, dazzle and stun. If the stunning from the dress wasn’t enough, wait til you see what they do to your wallet. is unbelievable in that it rents the best prom dresses of 2014 for a fraction of the actual cost. Anything you can think of you will find it here, and no worry about storing it away and taking up alot of space in the closet, just send it back. Take lots of pictures girls.

As with any year there will be trend setters. Be one of them with one of the best prom dresses of 2014. There are plenty out there too be had. 2014 is gearing up to be one of the hottest years for prom dresses. Alot of pop and dazzle. I see alot of flirty and glamorous prom dresses coming out. It sure is going to be a year to remember. Those girls from 2013 might shed a tear or two, but hey. This is your year.